Jesus is The Beacon of Hope


a light or fire on the top of a hill that acts as a warning or signal
Cambridge English Dictionary

  beacon of hope

something/someone who inspires confidence in times of trouble

Why 'Beacon' church?

We use beacons at times of national celebration, such as the Queen’s Jubilee, and they were used in former times to warn mariners of hidden reefs and the danger of shipwreck.

When we talk about a beacon. We often use the expression ‘beacon of hope’ meaning something or someone who inspires confidence in a time of trouble.

Jesus Christ came into the world to be a beacon of hope for everybody.


He came to warn and save us from the terrible danger of death and destruction that results from going our own way


He is the Beacon of hope who lights the way to living forever with Him

So why did Jesus die?

Jesus died in our place, for our sins; He had done no wrong but took our punishment for sin on His own back, and carried our sins on the Cross.

But God raised Him from the dead so that we can receive forgiveness of our sins because of what Jesus has done for us: and not only that, but also receive the free gift of eternal life – the life that only God can give!

Jesus is alive today and able to set us free from all ways of thinking, speaking and doing that if continued in will finally shut us out from God’s presence for ever.

Every good thing we enjoy in life – the beauty of nature’s changing seasons, the wonder of amazing wildlife, good food, celebrations, friendships and family life – all come from God as gifts to be enjoyed.

But if we refuse to acknowledge or thank the Giver of all that’s good – what then?
  We shut ourselves out from being happy for ever.

How then should we thank the Giver?

We go straight to Jesus Christ by praying to Him sincerely, to thank Him for dying in our place and with open hearts receive His forgiveness: and even more than that, receive Jesus Himself as Lord and Master, our Light of life.

When we pray with all our heart, God comes immediately to save us!

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done: Jesus died to take all the sins of mankind away for ever. He did that by the Cross of Calvary.

When we hand over our life to His keeping, God adopts us as His own sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, and we become members of His worldwide family, living a new kind of life with the love of Christ beating in our hearts.

Jesus said, ‘ I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.’

Do you want this life?

The life that only Jesus Christ can give?

  If you do then pray to Him now in simple trust that when you speak, He is listening!

If you’re not sure how to pray, you can pray a simple prayer of response, available via the link below:

a simple prayer