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29 July 2020

Headwinds: Battling against the pressures of life

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since moving to the Wirral a few years ago, it’s that whatever direction you want to ride your bike, you’ll always be battling a headwind.
30 June 2020

Walking with the Lord through sickness: Fear not I am with you

It was about two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and received treatment for this. Earlier this year I realised that the cancer was progressing again. However in visits to the Dr the progress seemed to have slowed and remained stable. I also felt well. So I asked to wait awhile before receiving any more treatment
12 June 2020

Time is Ticking By: How About Your Life?

Have you heard people say how much spare time they have had during Lockdown? Well, I have heard it numerous times. But as a Mum of three I have not experienced so much abundance of spare time myself. It seems some people have had time to slow down, pause, reflect and take it easy.
19 May 2020

Nudges from nature: Do you know how precious you are to God?

One bright morning last week there was a ‘happening’ in our back garden when lots of little fledgling sparrows suddenly appeared as if from nowhere. They were fluffy, scruffy, hopping about and squawking for food that busy parents were popping into their wide-open beaks. It made me think. Do you know how precious you are to God?
29 April 2020

Feeling forgotten? Facing a future that appears bleak?

'But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinks upon me.' Psalm 40:17. In times when the outlook is bleak and everything else fails, this is an amazing statement to ponder. The writer looks at himself and sees his poverty and need, and it seems wherever he looks, there’s no-one around to help. People have forgotten all about him.





Covered In Dust by Dan White and James Buckridge

A podcast to help people know and press into what it means to follow, and live like Jesus.

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