7 October 2020

Walking with the Lord through sickness: God cares for you

There is a God in heaven who cares for us. He is the God of the bible. He wants to care for us more than we can imagine. How do I know this? Because of the many ways He shows me he cares and because eight years ago I was with Him in a very special way in a very difficult situation. If that seems strange to you I will explain.
30 September 2020

Walking with the Lord through sickness: Answers to prayer

Life doesn't always work out as we would like or as we expect does it? We make plans and sometimes anything but the plan happens. Things come along out of the blue. Sometimes nice surprises, sometimes not nice surprises and sometimes very difficult situations altogether. The corona 19 virus is one of these very difficult and life changing situations that have suddenly overtaken most of the world. I am sure not many people could have imagined such a thing could possibly happen. How do we cope with these things in life?
30 June 2020

Walking with the Lord through sickness: Fear not I am with you

It was about two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and received treatment for this. Earlier this year I realised that the cancer was progressing again. However in visits to the Dr the progress seemed to have slowed and remained stable. I also felt well. So I asked to wait awhile before receiving any more treatment
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