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30 September 2020
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16 November 2020
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Walking with the Lord through sickness: God cares for you

by Shelagh Gray - 7 October 2020

There is a God in heaven who cares for us. He is the God of the bible. He wants to care for us more than we can imagine. How do I know this? Because of the many ways He shows me he cares and because eight years ago I was with Him in a very special way in a very difficult situation. If that seems strange to you I will explain.

In 2012 I began to be ill, although it started a long time before that. My husband said it was like my life was shutting down slice by slice until He began to think I would have to go into some kind of nursing home. Although some tests had been done, including blood tests, nothing was found. It got to the stage that I struggled even with dressing.

One day my husband couldn’t even wake me up. After a few difficulties he managed to get through to the on call Dr. who asked to speak to me. My son explained that they couldn’t wake me up but brought the phone into me. Amazingly I opened my eyes and said hello Dr. The fact that I woke up altered the course of what came next. I didn’t have to go in an ambulance and with help was able to walk into hospital but I actually don’t remember any of what happened.

More tests followed and a scan. At this point It was realised that I had a large brain tumour. This turned out to be benign but the pressure in my head and on the brain would have taken my life. However an operation was done to remove the tumour and I made a complete recovery. There was no permanent damage at all, although there easily could have been. I believe I was kept because God had a work to do both in my life and in others too.

I am not a brave person when it comes to hospitals and procedures but during this time I was with Jesus and knew very little of what was happening to me until afterwards. I was with Jesus in the spiritual sense and felt completely and utterly safe, held very close, yet with complete freedom. It was so wonderful being with Jesus and realising what he was like. So loving and caring. So strong and able to care for everyone and everything else. He is above all things. Far more than we can ever think of.

I wanted everyone to share in this. I wanted it to be so for everyone.

Jesus will come and be our God and care for us if we will ask him. He came to the world to die on the cross for us so that we could be forgiven and cleansed from all our sin. Then we can be with him for ever.