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27 March 2020
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14 April 2020
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COVID-19: Open your eyes to the evidence of an invisible God

by Heidi White - 27 March 2020

We’re alright thinking about things we can see, aren’t we? We can understand and trust in our cars to take us places as we can see the shiny paint and hold the steering wheel; we take comfort in our family as we can hug them, hear them talk to us and see them. We can cope with everything around us that’s tangible, but these days have brought up uncomfortable questions about things we can’t see. Boris Johnson’s recent reference to the coronavirus as an ‘invisible killer’ is forcing us all to face this issue at the moment.

I find there’s a range of responses to this concept of invisibility. Some are very fearful- understandably as we feel very out of control; others are blasé that the virus will really harm them as they have not seen any real evidence of this killer with their own eyes yet, and that too is understandable.

It reminds us that intangible things are real and do create a trail of their effect on our world. We watch the virus’ trail on our TV screens in growing horror every day, but I also believe that this raises the question about an invisible God.

You may not have really considered what God is really, not finding the concept of an invisible power easy to swallow, but, just like the virus, I believe we see the effects of this God, all around us in our world.

On my daily walk for exercise, I can’t help but feel the glorious signs of spring are a trail of effects; evidence of an invisible God who made our world. It’s not just coincidence that at this time, the world is bursting with signs of new life around us.

The bible talks about us clearly seeing his ‘invisible qualities’ in the ‘earth and sky’ (Romans 1:20) and I believe that we should look at the bursting flowers, the blossom on trees, the budding bushes, as a message of hope at this time from an invisible God.

He may be invisible to our human eye, but we’re realising, so are many things in this world, and as you go about your day, washing your hands, disinfecting the door handles or wearing gloves to the supermarket, think about how you can know more about this God from the effects of his life you see around you.